Compliance equals Gravity times Data to the power of Processes divided by Resistance to change cubed

The Equation of Compliance

Can there be an equation for compliance? As in mathematical formulas, there is a balance in compliance that needs to be resolved.  Every organisation needs to understand what is required of them; what regulations and standards are applicable (Gravity) and understand what are the affected assets (Data in this case).  Then, how do they meet …

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A business needs to make more than just money to be worthwhile

Money shouldn’t be the only goal

I’m sure when Henry Ford said these words he had no idea that a finance industry would grow so take such a significant role in world economics.  I don’t believe that he was solely referring to the manufacturing of quality motor cars either.  Every business need to ‘make’ people happier – consumers, employees, shareholders, trustees, clients – …

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Build your organisation on compliance, don't lay it on top as it will just be a burden, not a support

Being compliant should be foundational not a facade

Keeping in line with regulations and standards does tend to be an afterthought for many, if not most, organisations.  It is felt by many that focusing on being compliant stifles innovation and growth.  However, is that a reasonable approach to starting and running with an idea? “If you have built castles in the air, your …

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