Take your compliance journey with Gydeline

Our software provides the simplest approach to becoming and staying compliant



  • Conduct a dynamic assessment
  • Know your vulnerabilities
  • Focus on what you need to do

Take Action

  • Mitigate your vulnerabilities
  • Initiate specific actions
  • Update your assessment


  • View status for each regulation
  • Notified when status changes
  • Guidance automatically applied


Simple guided assessment

The Gydeline system takes each and every clause of the underlying regulation or standard and applies this to your organisation’s specific circumstances. This is done via a set of assessment questions.

The questions have been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, with further explanations & guidance available in the event that you don’t know an answer. 

Within the system your organisation may be subscribed to many regulations but each piece of information will be collected once and applied to all regulations and standards, if required. 

At any stage you have the option of exiting and returning later to complete the assessment.

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Take Action

Specific actions for your organisation

Actions occur in the Gydeline system as a result of vulnerabilities being identified. The actions view enables you to see details and specific actions your organisation needs to take to become compliant. Actions are closed by updating the related assessment which is linked from the action item.

The vulnerabilities area displays a list of vulnerabilities based on the information you have provided. Vulnerabilities in themselves do not equal non-compliance but they do indicate the exposures your organisation faces. Each vulnerability has associated, suggested action(s).

The Gydeline software uses information you provide to show you vulnerabilities and specific actions you need to address

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We'll keep you up to date

We will automatically notify and update you when: 

  • An assessment needs completing
  • A vulnerability has been identified
  • An action needs completing
  • Information has expired and needs updating
  • New guidance has been issued
  • A regulation or standard has been updated
  • New regulations or standards are available
  • Billing/Invoice details have been updated
  • New users have been added

Notifications are displayed throughout the Gydeline system in both the header and left hand navigation menus. A detailed list of notifications is available in the notifications area.
As underlying regulations and standards are updated with guidance and changes, your organisation will be notified of the specific actions that need to be taken. You won’t need to review changes in regulations and work out how they apply to your organisation.

Compliance at a glance

Using our simple online tool, organisations can assess, understand, action and maintain compliance with key regulations and standards, significantly reducing the risk of fines or failed audits.

At the heart of Gydeline sits the compliance dashboard. From here you can view and navigate to all the information relating to your compliance status. 

The overview area provides details across all sources quickly giving key information about compliance and exposure positions. It also gives a quick view of progress in assessing the organisations status. 

The main area provides detail on individual regulations from where you can drill into more detail.

Gydeline could help you achieve and monitor many of your compliance needs

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