Our software pricing model is very simple. Choose your organisation size and which regulation or standard you would like to subscribe to - taking advantage of our low, flexible monthly rates.

Cyber Essentials

Free for business of all sizes

General Data Protection Regulation

Monthly subscription - no long term tie-in



Less than £1m turnover

- and -

Less than 10 staff


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Less than £10m turnover

- and -

Less than 50 staff


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Less than £50m turnover

- and -

Less than 250 staff

1 subsidiary¹

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More than £50m turnover

- or -

More than 250 staff

3 subsidiaries¹

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All plans include:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Month by month commitment
  • Price fixed for life of subscription
  • Free updates and guidance from regulators
  • Online support
  • Presentation and awareness materials
  • Access to GDPR subject matter experts
  • Key documents and templates
  • FAQs and Knowlegebase which explain how to comply
  • Discount on future standards and regulations
  • Optional Data Protection Officer and support services for when you need extra help

If you require a formal quote or alternative payment method please get in touch

¹ Additional subscription included for use by subsidiary organisation

*All prices quoted are for 1 years subscription and exclude UK VAT @20%
*All subscriptions include free access to Cyber Essentials

Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost per user?
We want Gydeline to be the system that everyone in your organisation uses to track compliance. Our pricing is therefore based on standards and regulations rather than user numbers. The prices displayed are per standard for your size of organisation.
Are there any limits on user numbers?
No. You can encourage everyone in your organisation to use Gydeline without worrying about additional costs.
How do you calculate pricing?
Our pricing is based on two factors, the size of your business and the complexity of the standard or regulation. Business size is based upon the EU definition and is also used within the tool to ensure you meet the appropriate level of compliance. Complexity of a standard or regulation is derived from factors such as length, feeds, geographical scope, case history, sector etc. Complexity then equates to one of five pricing bands that we have for each size of organisation.
What does pricing fixed for life mean?
The monthly subscription you pay when signing up to a standard or regulation is fixed for the entire term of that subscription. This could last many years if you maintain a continuous subscription.
Do you offer discounts for charitable/government/education organisations?

We do not offer specific discounts for these types of organisations. We do however offer a scheme whereby community organisations are able to get a free subscription. More details are available here.

What is included in the Free version?
The free version contains a subscription to the entire Cyber Essentials source. This enables any organisation to not only see and use the tool for themselves but also to see their compliance against the governments baseline computer security standard.

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