Challenge: Time

It’s the one resource you can’t generate. All you can do is use it wisely and effectively. On what should you focus? Do you identify with any of the following statements:
  • I have no idea how I will find the time to do what's needed
  • I need a quick way to get started
  • Everything I read suggests this compliance is a huge job
  • I haven't got anyone to commit to this project

Time saving features of Gydeline

Just Get Started

The assessment process Gydeline provides is as simple as we could make it. You can stop and restart and often as you like. Experience has shown that some medium-sized organisations could have an initial picture with less than an hour of your time - you can fit it in!

Focused Effort

Time is precious and compliance work tends to slip down the priority list. If you do need to bring in extra resources to help, Gydeline will provide you with specific actions you can assign and you can quickly re-assess areas once work is reported as complete.

Minimised Workload

Gydeline is a line by line analysis of the source documentation. It doesn't seek to include opinions and, therefore, provides the most concise view of what needs to be done to become compliant. We can also help you find other resources to get things done.

Good Habits Save Time

If you can embed good compliance activities into your organisational culture then you will save time. Less time preparing for audits, less time fixing breaches, less time coming 'up-to-speed' and less time wondering whether you're exposed.