Challenge: Process

The regulatory and standards landscape is constantly changing; new releases, guidance, best practice, case law. Keeping up with what applies to your organisation is a never-ending cycle. Do you identify with any of the following statements:
  • I know we need to change our processes, but which ones... and how?
  • I don't understand what dangers I'm avoiding by complying
  • Another new process - what is the minimum I have to do?
  • We've committed to performing to a particular standard. I need to know the areas that need improving

Gydeline features that help

Free Resources

We provide templates and resources that allows you to focus on the minimum requirements to comply with certain processes. Get that done and we can help you mature them over time.


Gydeline provides you with a list of vulnerabilities that you can use in the organisations risk management process. These are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 and allow you prioritise your efforts to reduce risk.


Alongside the on/off nature of compliance we have included a maturity rating for each area you've assessed. This allow you to see whether you are doing the minimum or pushing forward with loads of best practice processes.

Inspiring Good Habits

The process of staying and improving is a great habit to get into. Gydeline notifies you when your assessment needs reviewing and when responses may need updating. This helps to create an environment of compliance as part of the day job and not a periodic event. Preparing for audits becomes less of a chore.