Challenge: Money

Managing the finances in any organisation is a constant balance between keeping costs as low as possible and getting the best value from the money you spend. Do you identify with any of the following statements:
  • I can't afford to commit to long term subscriptions
  • It's difficult to work out whether a service is truly going to be of value
  • Consultancy - I'm not always clear on what they are doing or if the outputs fit my needs
  • Paying by a debit card is harder for me to administrate
  • I'm concerned subscription costs will escalate

Money is used wisely with Gydeline

Monthly Commitment

You can subscribe to our service for 1 month - see how it goes and cancel if you don't see the value

Annual Commitment

Once you are confident our tool is the best for monitoring your compliance you can commit to a years subscription - that gives you 12 months for the price of 10.

Free Subscription

So you can get a feel for the tool and what it can do for you, we provide free access to a Cyber Essentials assessment. The fact that you are browsing this page would suggest you need to make sure your security is up to a basic standard.

Clear Actions

The purpose of the tool is to provide you with a clear set of actions that you need to take to become compliant. With a defined outcome it becomes easier to engage a consultant to deliver specific pieces of work - putting you in control.

How to Pay

We are able to offer alternative methods of payment, such as Direct Debit and Bank Transfer.

Contact us and we will get that setup.

No Price Rises

Our commitment to you is, if you remain subscribed to our service, we will never put the price up. In other words, the price to which you first sign up will never increase.