Challenge: Knowledge

Knowledge comes from learning; learning take a concerted effort to take in information and apply it your organisation. What happens when the amount information exceeds your capacity to take it in? Do you identify with any of the following statements:
  • I don't know where to start with trying to understand what we need to comply with
  • New information is coming in so fast, I can't keep up
  • I understand I need to stay legal, but on what should I focus?
  • I'm sure I don't know all the things I need to deal with

Gydeline features that help

Integrated Guidance

Gydeline integrates the formal guidance as it is released by regulatory and standards bodies. The software then shows you how it impacts your organisation, providing a bespoke view of your compliance requirements.

Access to the Source

Gydeline reproduces all the source information, including regulations, open standards and guidance. You can drill down to specific paragraphs in the documents to see if you comply. This supports the compliance experts need to understand the underlying reference material.

Pooling Knowledge

With the unlimited users you can add to Gydeline, you can spread access to the assessment activity to those that have the knowledge to complete it. This reduces bottlenecks and shares knowledge and workload... win-win-win!

Prioritising Activity

As soon as you have completed the assessment, even partly, Gydeline shows you the actions you need to take and the related vulnerability your organisation has. You can easily work out what needs to be done first and a plan can be formulated for the journey to full compliance.

Multiple Compliances

Gydeline is designed to handle any regulation and standard. We have analysed Cyber Essentials and the General Data Protection Regulation and we are working on a General Business Compliance to help organisations understand their broad regulatory requirements.

Is there a regulation you'd like to see included? Tell us!