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Gydeline’s Money Asset Keystone, the asset includes borrowing, investment, forecast, revenue, capital, shares. costs

The Money Keystone

Money is a central Keystone, being necessary for any organisation. There are a range of aspects relating to money which need your consideration.

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Physical Asset Keystone, the assets include technology, furniture, property, premises, fittings, stock and plant

The Physical Keystone

The Physical Keystone will vary wildly for different organisations.  It is possible to run an organisation on very few Physical Keystone elements, but that is

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Gydeline’s Contacts Keystone, the asset includes Customers, advocates, personas, partners, insights, success, leads

The Contacts Keystone

Do you perceive your Contacts as an important organisational Keystone?  You should, as without them you wouldn’t have customers, suppliers or be successful.  What is

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Gydeline’s Brand Asset Keystone, the asset includes reputation, perception, market, ethics, voice, style, logo

The Brand Keystone

Brand can mean many different things and be viewed diversely.  Do you give your brand and reputation the appropriate attention?  What elements does the Brand

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Gydeline’s Intellectual Asset Keystone, the asset includes trademark, copyright, analysis, licences, designs, terms, code

The Intellectual Keystone

The Intellectual Keystone is regularly misunderstood and underestimated.  Does your organisation have information, designs or unique facilities on which it’s success relies?  Is there a

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Gydeline’s People Asset Keystone, the asset includes Contribution, Knowledge, Individuals, Experience, Wellbeing

The People Keystone

Every organisation has People, even if that is just the Founder.  Once there is any form of growth, the need to invest in the People

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Gydeline’s Information Asset Keystone, the asset includes configuration, collateral, practices, research, records, data

The Information Keystone

Information is the lifeblood of every organisation.  No organisation can exist without Information and it requires quite specific care and attention.  There is a wide

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