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GDPR is just for geeks

… thats right, isn’ it? It is a common problem that as soon as you mention “data” that people glaze over and look to the

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Not all things that say they are free come at not cost

When is Free Not Free?

Free it says! We click. hold our breath with anticipation. What wonders await? Boundless possibilities! We arrive on a website, scroll. Then our hopes are

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Compliance equals Gravity times Data to the power of Processes divided by Resistance to change cubed

The Equation of Compliance

Can there be an equation for compliance? As in mathematical formulas, there is a balance in compliance that needs to be resolved.  Every organisation needs

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Outline of the rights of Data Subjects under GDPR

New Data Subject Rights

The imminent GDPR will be a wake up call for some organisations. A host of new rights for individuals are being introduced. Organisations will need

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Simple GDPR Overview

There are many, many GDPR overview pieces available online . . . . here’s ours. We have aimed to make this as clear and straightforwards

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General Data Protection Regulation for Newbies

GDPR for Newbies

A GDPR Primer for those getting started So what is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation is a new European Union law that becomes

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Standard Banner for GDPR Further Information Articles

Processing Activity Record

Context: The GDPR requires organisations to maintain a detailed record of their processing activities. This requirement applies to organisations that process data for themselves and

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Technical Measures

Context: In some cases the GDPR refers to explicit technical measures that need to be implemented such as data encryption and psuedonymisation. In other instances

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